Digital: The New Code of wealth

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In the year 2018, African startups surpassed $700 million in annual investments, from 450+ deals. All across the continent, people are deploying the power of digital platforms to make change happen. The last decade has seen a rise in new businesses, including online betting, new media powerhouses and the continued rise of Africa’s cultural superstars. 

Omojuwa captures all of these and more as he makes a data-backed argument that digital holds economic prospects for those on the continent willing to explore the power of technology. This power can also be wielded in socio-political contexts. It is being used to take a solid stand for gender justice and has helped to expose corruption at scale. Though the digital space comes with challenges – such as access and security – its benefits promise to make good. 

Digital: The New Code of Wealth argues that the digital space offers the continent an opportunity to create collectives that can thrive together over the plethora of challenges being faced. 

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3 reviews for Digital: The New Code of wealth

  1. @BodeWrites

    The icing on the cake are those interviews.

    You just have to give it up for @Omojuwa

    #DigitalWealthBook is highly spiritual.

  2. @YeyeTinubu

    “Everybody loves progress but nobody likes the pain of change,the current analogue approach to governance can never birth the future we want” Simi Fajemirokun



    Read #DigitalWealthBook and your life will never remain the same.

  3. @KYAQY

    Omojuwa takes us on a stream of endless digital possibilities. Love it.

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